20 May 2020

Inspiring Story of Kevin Lee (Coach K) of the Indefatigable Class of 2020

It has been a long and unforgettable journey for the class of 2020. It has seen many ups and downs, even more so with the threat of a pandemic and resulting quarantine. There are many stories, one story in particular comes from one of SAU’s recent graduate Kevin Lee, also known as Coach K of Quality Control Music. Also known as Quality Control, QC the Label or simply QC; the label houses some of rap’s biggest stars such as Migos, Lil Baby, City Girls, Lil Yachty and so much more. It even has Cardi B signed to a management deal.

Coach K started at Saint Augustine’s University 28 years ago, but due to an injury he wasn’t able to complete until this year. Here is his story in his own words:

“It’s crazy I’ve never started anything that I was into and didn’t finish the job. [In] 1993 I was wounded by a gunshot that would change my whole direction in life. I’ll give you that whole story in the book, but rewind two & half years ago I went back to my college homecoming and got inspired and the truth of the matter finishing college always set in the back of my head but if my accident wouldn’t of happened where would I be. So I reentered school 28 years after I was suppose to graduate and enrolled back into an HBCU, Saint Augustine University, the school I was supposed to graduate [from] in 1993. I’m not going to lie, doing on line classes was very hard especially when you already have a business that’s booming, but I always had visions of walking across that stage and my mother & grandmother smiling ear to ear. Well I still made them smile ear to ear from my accomplishments, but I can say now that I have my Bachelor Of Science in Business Management from Saint Augustines University. So many people that I wanna thank that helped me through the journey

Dr. Everett Ward started the process of me getting online with a hybrid-type of

curriculum then Dr. Gaddis Faulcon guided me and gave me words of encouragement Ms. Betty Holman the Director of the Adult Education program kept me focused Dr. Anthony Grady and Dr. Orlando

Hankins, Provost, thank you and Interim President Dr. Maria Lumpkin, Thank You!!!”