28 Jul 2020

SAU and Stop Hunger One Community at a Time Host a Food Distribution Drive On Campus

Last Saturday, July 18, 2020 Saint Augustine’s University and Stop Hunger One Community at a Time hosted a Food Distribution Drive on SAU’s campus. Members of the community were invited to stock up on donated food items while practicing social distancing by popping their truck to receive a bundle of food. Stop Hunger One Community at a Time’s mission is to serve and to help stop hunger in assisting others to serve and come together in unity. The team consists of 5 team members/willing vessels (Vernita Griffith, Shonda Cooper, Victor Bruinton, James Mills and John Twitty), and very special salute to the team. Since March 21st, they have served over 24,000 families with over 577,000 pounds of food in partnering with the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina. Assisting with helping reach the food desert communities over the 34 counties that they served of which 11 counties we have served.  This has surpassed the efforts of 2019 with over 18,000 families fed with 256,000 pounds of food and goods. 


 Here are the stats from last Saturday’s drive:

  • 62,062 pounds of goods
  • 767 families
  • 625 cars including volunteers and families they assisted
  • 40 senior families feed via church pick up
  • 650 DR welcome back Falcon boxes that snacks & Burt Bees products will were in distribution
  • 80 faculty welcome back packages

Our total is 1537 families