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First Name: Charles
Title: Head Baseball Coach
Department: Athletics
Office Location: Atkinson 109
Phone Extension: 919 516-4630
First Name: Johnny
Title: Coach - Men's Basketball
Department: Athletics
Office Location: Gym
Phone Extension: 919 516-4470
First Name: Damion
Title: Computer Operations Technician
Department: Center for Information Technology
Office Location: Benson 103
Phone Extension: 919 516-4009
First Name: George
Title: Director of Athletics/Head Track and Field Coach
Department: Athletics
Office Location: Hermitage
Phone Extension: 919 516-4236
First Name: Tanya
Title: Evening Librarian
Department: Prezell R. Robinson Library
Office Location: Robinson Library 103
Phone Extension: 919 516-4144
Williams II
First Name: Angelo D.
Title: Graphic Designer
Department: Marketing
Office Location: Hunter 108
Phone Extension: 919 516-4119