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Academic Faculty Directory Listing
First Name: Alan
Title: CPT/Assistant Professor of Military Science
Department: Military Science
Office Location: Tuttle 208
Phone Extension: 919 516-4546
First Name: Dr Wanda B
Title: Dean of School of Liberal Arts and Education
Department: School of Liberal Arts and Education
Office Location: Boyer 200F
Phone Extension: 919 516-4116
Dallas, MPD
First Name: Linda
Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Department of Visual and Performing Arts
Office Location: Seby Jones 213
Phone Extension: 919 516-4730
Davis Johnson, M.F.A.
First Name: E. Ophelia
Title: English Instructor
Department: TRIO/Academic Achievers Program
Office Location: Boyer 100C
Phone Extension: 919 516-4225
Davis, MS
First Name: Raymond
Title: n/a
Department: Division of Extended Studies
Office Location: n/a
Phone Extension: 919 516-4618
First Name: Shari
Title: Administrative Assistant
Department: Upward Bound & Educational Talent
Office Location: Rocky Mount
Phone Extension: 252 446-1921 x221
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