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Academic Faculty Directory Listing
First Name: Dr. Kelcy T
Title: Assistant Professor/Community Liaison for Public Health
Department: Public Health and Exercise Science
Office Location: Penick 213
Phone Extension: 919 516-4631
First Name: Brenda
Title: Assistant Professor
Department: School of Applied Health and Medical Sciences
Office Location: Gordon Health Center
Phone Extension: 919 516-4302
Webb, PhD
First Name: Patrick
Title: Associate Profesor
Department: Criminal Justice
Office Location: Boyer 103B
Phone Extension: 919 516-4186
First Name: Laverne
Title: Senior Assistant to the Provost
Department: Provost
Office Location: Benson 203A
Phone Extension: 919 516-4458
First Name: Katrina
Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Human Performance Health and Wellness
Phone Extension: 919 516-4173
Williams, PhD
First Name: Ceilessia
Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Natural and Physical Science
Office Location: Penick 005
Phone Extension: 919 516-4158