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Campbell Sr.
First Name: Maurice
Title: Perkins Loan Specialist
Department: Business and Finance
Office Location: Hunter 13
Phone Extension: 919 516-4356
Capers, Jr.
First Name: Henry
Title: Recruiter
Department: Admissions
Office Location: Delany 106 B
Phone Extension: 919 516-4015
First Name: Tyrell
Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Biology
Office Location: Penick 209
Phone Extension: 919 516-4309
Carrington, Jr.
First Name: Leon
Title: Academic Advisor
Department: Office of Academic Advising
Office Location: Delany 204
Phone Extension: 919 516-4372
First Name: Rosa
Title: Dispatcher
Department: Campus Police Department
Phone Extension: 919 516-4411
First Name: Timothy
Title: Recruiting Officer/Enrollment Specialist
Department: ROTC
Office Location: Tuttle 200
Phone Extension: 919 516-4562
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