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First Name: Lalchand
Title: Chair
Department: Computer Science
Email: Lal Shimpi
Office Location: Cheshire 225
Phone Extension: 919 516-4417
First Name: Frederick
Title: Document Delivery/Circulation's Manager
Department: Prezell R. Robinson Library
Email: Fred Sills
Office Location: Robinson Library 111
Phone Extension: 919 516-4148
First Name: Takeya
Title: Admissions Counselor/Recruiter
Department: Admissions
Office Location: Delany 106
Phone Extension: 919 516-4011
Smith, D.M.A.
First Name: Sevealyn
Title: Assistant Dean
Department: School of Liberal Arts and Education
Office Location: Delany 007
Phone Extension: 919 516-4160
First Name: Sheila
Title: Administrative Assistant
Department: School of Sciences, Mathematics and Engineering
Office Location: Penick 113A
Phone Extension: 919 516-4154
First Name: Edward
Department: Physical Plant
Office Location: Physical Plant 1505 Oakwood Ave
Phone Extension: 919 516-4482
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